CREART-BG is an architecture and design studio that entered the market in the fall of 2005. For these 14 years work, we have lived up to our clients’ expectations and built trust by working with them. To meet each requirement, we create the right approach that relies on detailed research and analysis. No matter where, with whom and for what task we work, we strive to refine and improve our services. So we have the opportunity to offer new, better, interesting and remarkable solutions.

 CREART-BG is the first chapter of a fairy tale without bad characters. A fairy tale, very colorful, calm and harmonious. Living it together we can bring it to a happy ending.

Pre-project research

Analyze and explore the possibility of project development until the concept is clarified.

Urban development plan

Consultation and assistance in the development and modification of urban planning and design.

Investment design

Complex architectural design, including all phases of realization - conseptual, technical and work design.

Interior Design

Functional interior remodeling and creative approach to any room.

Product design

Creation of original and remarkable products, considering the aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

Graphic design

Developing an individual idea and applying the brand's specific character to the final result.